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Many artists in today’s music scene struggle to not only establish themselves as great entertainers, but allow their peak of success to stabilize them as only that, and not venture on the path of a mogul. One of the few that embodies both traits is Hip-Hop Artist & Songwriter, ShotofADRENALIN! With as much energy as his name entails, he’s set out to leave a throbbing mark in music while creating a legacy as a business man who knows the music industry inside and out. “I don’t want to be known just as a rapper, but a force that shifted the culture forward  every time I touched a microphone .”

Penning his first song at 9 years old, his influences included Nas, Biggie, Michael Jackson and DMX among others. Watching gifted artists like these, sparked a fire in ADRENALIN. That same spark has pushed him to be in full command of his craft, identity and music. Growing up on the dividing line of cultural class in Long Island, NY, he experienced the effects of living in low, middle & high class communities. Ultimately, he took those lessons & turned them into relatable content which can appeal to the masses.

  Since then, he’s gained notoriety for his lively stage presence and equally vibrant lyrical content. Enabling him to grace a multitude of stages, release a number of singles including his debut project For Better or Worse, and even create the theme song for his alma mater, Berkeley College. As he continues to evolve as an artist, he’s able to share those experiences while presenting his versatility, depth and appreciation for the art form. You’d be hard pressed to not feel his presence either in person or through your speakers.

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